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DYS Cheer

2021 Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What procedures have been put in place regarding the health and safety of the girls for the 2021 season, related to the COVID-19 pandemic?


A: This season, we will be strictly following guidelines set forth by Loudoun County PRCS,which directly reflects the state regulations for youth sports. This means masks are not required for outdoor sports at this time.  Girls will be encouraged to follow social distancing policies as appropriate.  Uniforms have been quarantined in storage for the past year and will be freshly laundered. To prevent sharing high touch items like poms, individual mini poms will be given to each girl this season! These poms will be given to each girl at uniform pickup, and are hers to keep after the season is over! Please reach out to cheer@dullesyouth.com with any other questions. 


Q: Who is eligible to participate in DYS cheer?


A: Your child must turn 5 on or before Sept. 30, 2021.


Q: When does cheer practice begin?


A: Practice will begin in early August.  You will be contacted by your child’s coach with a practice schedule once squads have been formed. Squads are formed at the beginning of August, after registration is closed.


Q: How many times per week will my child cheer?


A: The squads typically practice 2 times a week and cheer for one game on the weekend.  There may rare occasions when games are scheduled during the week.


Q: I have more than one child that will be cheering.  Can they be placed on the same squad?


A: We will make every attempt to place siblings on the same squad but please keep in mind the age difference in your children if you make this request.


Q: How are squads formed?


A: The DYS board places children on squads based on their age, grade level, experience and location.


Q: My son will be playing football for DYS.  Can my child cheer for his team?


A: We are unable to guarantee that cheer squads / football teams will be matched accordingly.  Cheer squads are assigned to a weight class rather than a specific team.


Q: Do we have to purchase the uniforms and shoes?


A: The registration fee covers the following: skirt*, shell*, turtleneck*, sweat jacket*, poms, bloomers, socks and hair bow. (Please note that all items with a * are the property of DYS and must be returned in clean condition at the end of the season.) Shoes must be purchased by the cheerleader and should be an all-white athletic sneaker.  


Q: Does DYS do any type of screening or background check on their coaches?


A: Yes.  All coaches and assistant coaches are required to undergo a complete background check.  This is done by an outside, independent agency.


Q: Do the squads cheer for away games?


A: Squads do NOT travel to away games to cheer. Coaches may be willing to travel to away games if there is enough interest but it is not mandatory.  Pick up games are subject to Coaches discretion.  Please be advised that the Fairfax Youth Football League can label a "home" game that is technically not on our home field and we will have to travel to a local field.  This is typically due to field conditions or weather.


Q: Where are practices held?


A: Practices are held within our local community.  Coaches will inform you of practice locations as soon as possible.


Q: How many children are on a squad?


A: The squads will be made up of approximately 10-15 cheerleaders. This number will be dependent on the number of registered cheerleaders and the number of head coaches.


Q: What nights will practices be held?


A: Practices will be held on nights to be determined by the coaches and availability of locations.  Each squad will receive this information in the begining of August.


Q: What time are the games?


A: Games are generally held on Saturdays at Champe High School. They may begin as early as 8:30am or as late as 6:00pm. On occasion there may be a game scheduled for Friday night.


Q: What is the refund policy for cheer?


A: All refund requests must be made to .

 On or before July 1st, 2021                            90%

    July 2nd – July 31st, 2021                              50%

    No refunds beginning August 1st, 2021


Q:  Will my child be required to participate in fundraising?


A: All children involved in DYS sports are required to participate in fundraising.  DYS is a non-for-profit organization and relies on the efforts of all its’ participants!! Please be aware that your child/children will be expected to participate in reasonable fundraising efforts during the season, with each girl raising $100. You may "opt out" of fundraising activity for your child by paying $100 per child when you Register.


Please contact us at cheer@dullesyouth.com with any questions.