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Message from the Commissioner


Commissioner’s Vision Statement: “My vision is to build and create champions in life using the value system earned by being a competitive athlete as the vehicle for success in any endeavor.”


Dear DSYS Families,


It is my honor and privilege to serve as your new DSYS Football Commissioner.  I am so  grateful for the opportunity to take over for Commissioner McEachin. His selfless commitment to developing football players goes unnoticed by so many but he was instrumental at growing and bringing youth football to our area. I want to personally thank Jason for all he has done for our community. We are indebted to him for his service and contributions to Dulles South Youth Football and I hope to honor his tenure by keeping alive the best of the past.


Of course however, it is time for all of us to move into the future of Thunder Football.  Without even knowing each other we are instantaneously bonded by one common goal: To build Champions and Players of Character. To reach that goal it will take an incredible amount of work and dedication from all of us.


My vision going forward is for Dulles South to be the best youth football organization in the Fairfax County Youth Football League. That starts with having quality volunteers from commission members to coaches and team moms/dads. Those volunteers who spend countless hours being involved are what keep the wheels spinning. We had a great group of coaches for the 2015 season. Coaches who have high school and middle school coaching experience. Coaches who have played collegiately, all the way up to the D-1 level. Coaches who don't even have kids playing in the league and simply do it because they love the game and love teaching kids. These guys are the ones who will make a difference in the players lives and make them love the game. They are the ones who make this a great league. As the Commissioner, I am committed to putting the best possible people in those positions.


How do we measure success? Many different ways. Are we recruiting new players? Do returning players come back each year? Do the kids that have played in our program continue to play through high school and beyond? We can answer yes to all three of these questions. We have a ton of kids who have had an impact on Champe and Freedom High Schools this past fall that came through Dulles South Youth Football.  So many more will step up this season and in future seasons. I love to see former players having success at higher levels. This tells me that they developed a love for the game and learned a few things while they were in DSYS. Are our players being taught how to be leaders? Are they having fun? Are they building relationships that will last a lifetime? Are they being taught how to play this great game safely? That to me is success!


In closing I'd like to thank the parents who allow their children to be a part of our Thunder Family, all of the players, all of the volunteer coaches, all the unseen volunteers, commission members and the entire Dulles South Community. Let's make 2016 the best season yet. If you are excited about making DSYS football’s 2016 season the best ever, I would love to hear from you.  Interested in coaching? Join us at our Coaches' Meeting. Please email me your contact information and I will send out invites of times and locations. If you have any ideas on making us better- email me. Football@dullesyouth.com


On a final note: I know it seems like football season is still far away but time will fly by. In preparation for evaluation week in July, I highly recommend participants stay active during the off season. If you are not already involved in another sport; what a great time to try something new like spring flag football (DSYF registration is open), spring speed and agility training, wrestling or baseball, to name a few. Otherwise, be sure to go outside and be active for at least 30 minutes of the day; by developing a habit of being active, it will be easier to get back into the grind and spirit of DSYS Thunder Football.


2016…”It’s Our Time”




Rex Petrey

DSYS Football Commissioner


“Winning is Hard Work”