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as of November 18, 2018


Requirements for participation in any dual team

(a) several prior years of wrestling for standard weight classes

(b) for heavy weight classes you merely have to be athletic and physically fit

(c) athletic and mentally tough for all weight classes

(d) willing to travel and sometimes stay overnight in areas such as Virginia Beach, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey


Dual Teams

- General approach:

- Dulles Youth Sports will work with other local teams to fill roster slots for duals together on occassion

- Some times we place our wrestlers on other teams if there are only a few available wrestlers

- Other times we organize our own teams when we have enough kids to become a majority of the roster slots

- Usually kids pay to own the slot and generally don't share slots unless arrangements were made in advance

- Schedule:

- November 11, Sunday, Hagerstown MD Duals for Grades K-8 ~ Contact Bill Marck

- Roster ~ Click Here

- Online information ~ Click Here

- December 7-9, Virginia Challenge, Virginia Beach ~ Contact Bill Marck

- Information online ~ Click Here

- Will be in combination with other teams under the NVWF

- Other (TBD)