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updated as of July 4, 2018


Dulles Youth Sports Maps

- family locations for all DYS sports in our area ~ Click Here 

Dulles Youth Sports Wrestling Demographics

- DYS wrestling is for all youth in our community

- Grades K-8

- Boys and girls (practices and competitions are coed)

- Experience ranges from 0-8 years

- Skill levels include beginners, novice, experienced, advanced, and elite

- Interest includes those that are casual, winter season, multi-sport, or year-round

DYS Coaches

- Traditionally have prior experience with high school or college

- DYS welcomes, solicits, and encourages parents to assist coaches to reinforce practice room lessons, and support competition activities

- DYS typically strives to maintain one coach for every six wrestlers 

- All instructors or assistants are required to obtain a private background check every two years and annual USA Coach Card. Parents initiate the process themselves via links provided and then get reimbursed for the costs once completed. All information is private between the parent and the USA Wrestling organization. 

- Head coaches are required to have coach cards

- Assistants only are required to get a background check