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updated as of November 12, 2018


Winter 2018-19 Registration Link ~ Click Here

- Registration opens to the public on Labor Day Weekend


Registration Process for Winter 2018-19 Travel Program

- First complete the DYS registration and payment process for all wrestlers on the first tab.

- Second, register with our partners, the Ranger Wrestling Club, located in Leesburg VA, with whom we will be together participating in the Mason Dixon Wrestling League (MDWL) for at least four Sunday tournaments to qualify for the season end finals in mid-March. The cost to register with Rangers or participate in any of the four events plus the end of season finals is free to the wrestler and family since DYS pays for this as part of the basic DYS registration fee. 

Ranger Wrestling Club MDWL Registration ~ Click Here (TBD)

- Third, you will be provided separate links, or a calendar containing embedded links, for open tournaments outside of the area upon which parents register and pay for each one separately.