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updated as of December 19, 2018


Required Reading for Everyone ~ Click Here


Winter 2018-19 Season Registration for NVWF ~ Click Here

- Everyone except the travel kids will compete in the NVWF

- Travel wrestlers are notified separately

- Once you complete the DYS registration and payment process, you then proceed to the NVWF registration website to complete that process (for those that plan to compete in the Sunday NVWF tournaments only) without any extra costs to the wrestler or family. Note that DYS pays for the league fees but we only want you to register if you plan to compete so the club does not incur unnecessary charges. Moreover, every family that registers is obligated to spend time volunteering either by scoring matches at tables or other duties thus even more the reason to register with some thought. 


DYS Wrestlers Registered for USA Cards, DYS Practices, and NVWF Competitions, as of January 1, 2019

(call Bill Marck for more information)