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updated as of July 26, 2019

Winter season practices start on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 for the entire club

Parent night and club overview tentatively planned for Monday evening, November 4, 2019


Practice Groups Assigned Locations

- Typically postd in late October before the start of the November practice season

- held at local high schools (mostly the wrestling rooms)

- assignments to rooms are based on birth dates or skill as defined below

- Practices at local area high school wrestling rooms (Freedom, Independence, John Champe, Rock Ridge)

- Joint practices held at Westfields for the travel team

- Some practice groups may be assigned two locations based on availability of County spaces

- Some groups may practice an extra optional time slot in addition to their normal practices twice per week


NVWF Age Groups Defined

All kids that are not competing in the travel program would be assigned to the NVWF groups based on their birth dates seen below.


- Kids born between January 1, 2005 and August 31, 2005 are typically 9th graders, however, they are authorized to compete in NVWF

- Kids born between September 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 are typically pre-schoolers authorized to compete in NVWF, however, DYS reserves the right to adjust the registration birth date range based on its policies to restrict participation. 

- Age divisions listed here are based on last year's definitions

- Age divisions are based on birth date ranges rather than birth years or grades to have equal numbers per division

- Age divisions are typically set or adusted around the Thanksgiving period when NVWF registrations settle

- Kids are typically assigned to practice rooms based on their birth dates for specific age divisions

- Kids are typically assigned to practice rooms based on their birth dates for specific age divisions

- Kids may be moved to an older or younger age division for practices if too light or too heavy

- Kids may wrestle in their own age division plus enter the next older age division for additional competition

- To wrestle up, kids state their intent to do so during the next weighin period at the scales

- NVWF warmup periods can start as soon as mats become unoccupied from earlier age divisions

- Coaches are typically assigned to a particular age division for pracices and competitions

- Coaches are expected to stay during their assigned age division plus the next older division

- DYS assigns wrestlers to age divisions based on their birth dates. NVWF potentially could adjust the date ranges for each age group based on registrations calculated the week after Thanksgiving in which case DYS would adjust kids to match their respective groups. 

- Wrestlers would compete in their respective NVWF age divisions on Sundays. However, for the DYS practice rooms, DYS may move kids to a higher or lower age division for their practice rooms for several reasons listed below:

- ensure wrestlers have partners around the same weight in practice rooms

- placing siblings in the same room to ease family logistics during the week (this may not be possible if kids are too far apart in age or weight)

- coaches discretion for wrestler development (pending DYS Wrestling Commissioner approval)


NVWF Practices

- Twice per week practices 

- An optional third practice may be held for interested Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors 

- Current locations and assignments will be posted late October 2019


Advanced Team Defined

- Parents and coaches first converse together about the travel program to form and agreement regarding commitments

- Grades 5-8 for kids with advanced experience or athletic abilities (select 4th graders may apply by contacting coaches)

- Three days per week practices including

Tue/Thu at John Champe High School 6:30-8:30 PM

Wed 6:30-8:15 PM at Westfields High School as a joint practice with SYA, CYA, and DYS