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as of August 22, 2019


Required Reading for All Registrants and DYS Members

Parents, head coaches, assistant coaches, and board of governors

Are required to be familiar with these materials before becoming a member or registering for programs.


Refund Policies - for parents/guardians requesting refunds after registering.

In general, DYS wants to discourage persons from capricious decisions that otherwise incur labor hours and expenses for the wrestling club and its volunteers. Refunds for registration cancellations are identified below.

- $25 processing fee prior to midnight September 30, 2019.

- $100 processing and administration fees starting October 1, 2019. (Note that PRCS facility requests are due on October 1, 2019).

- One hundred percent of the registration fees shall be forfeited after Thursday, October 31, 2019 (mostly because a cancellation denies the opportunity for DYS to register another person).

- Refunds after October 31st may be granted (minus $100) in accordance with:

- Proofs of injuries, traumatic family events, job changes, or relocations.

- Another person successfully processed as a replacement for the departing wrestler.

- No changes of interests or pursuits for another sport may be considered.

Note that registration completely shuts down at midnight, Sunday, November 17th.