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updated as of August 31, 2019

Key point - Uniform Information will be Distributed in early October

Equipment for Wrestlers

Important Notes

- parents should mark all personal gear with sharpies

- parents can sell back singlets to DYS at the end of season for a partial discount

- wrestlers are required to use singlets or fight shorts with the standard DYS Thunder design

- head gear is sometimes not required in off-season events but it is required in the winter NVWF events

- mouth guards are always needed when braces are evident


Mandatory Uniforms

- Parents may order uniforms either:

- With the bulk order placed noon, Sunday, October 6, or

- Individually directly with the manufacturer via an online link (TBD)

competition singlets, or fight shorts/ compression shirts (mandatory for competitions)

- DYS will provide instructions on how to purchase a uniform after you register

- DYS parents only need to buy only one type of uniform (either a singlet, fight gear, but not both) which is a separate purchase outside of the registration payment process

- if unclear on what to buy, then see our website subtab explanation ~ click here

- DYS previously provided singlets on seasonal loan with a deposit, however, parents will have to obtain them in the future through either of the following (the reason for the change is that clubs seem to always have trouble getting them back):

(a) buy fight gear currently in stock with DYS (cost roughly ~ $85)

(b) buy fight gear online when DYS stock runs out (shipping too)

(c) buy singlets online (costs roughly ~ $55)

(d) buy them from other parents that have out-grown last year's models

(e) swap with parents 

- note - if parents provide payment to Bill Marck on or before Sunday, Noon, October 6th, they can avoid shipping charges as there will be a bulk order placed. This order will guarantee delivery for kids that want to wrestle in the late November events. Parents may also order online after October 6th independently; instructions will be provided on how to do this later. 

- sizes for either singlets or fight gear are based on wrestler's weight, if your child is within 5 pounds of the next size, then we recommend purchase of the next size. Weigh your child on a scale, re-enter your DYS registration online, and make your weight correction accurately so to ensure proper orders. 

- if there is any doubt on whether or not uniforms will fit, then we suggest you purchase one-piece singlets because they stretch more than the two-piece fight gear.

all dulles youth sports wrestlers in grades K-8 that are not on the advanced team have singlet or fight gear options (names will not be available on the backs of the uniforms in these cases, this is just for display

Grapplemonster Company Custom Designs

uniform for All-Star and Travel wrestlers have a unique design seen below (names will not be available on the backs of the uniforms in these cases, this is just for display)

Grapplemonster Company Custom Designs

size chart for fight gear and singlets for the Standard-NVWF teams and the All-Star or Travel teams. Parents merely record their kid's weight in the registration database and the uniform type desired (singlet, fight gear, or both). Club coaches will then use the weight to order sizes in bulk orders. If kids are older then coaches may select the next size up if kids are within a few pounds of that size. Uniforms are very elastic. Note that weight ranges do vary for different apparel items. 

freestyle or greco-roman singlets for off-season travel wrestlers require one singlet with red as the predominant color and another with blue as the predominant color. Wrestlers may wear any singlet with any artistic design. However, Cliff Keen provides singlets that are reversible with both red and blue for convenience online ~ click here

- Cliff Keen Reversible Lycra Singlet - Men's size is automatically calculated online based on weight.


Mandatory Equipment

head gear (mandatory for competitions)

- DYS previously head gear on seasonal loan with a deposit, however, parents will have to obtain them in the future through either of the following:

(a) buy new ones online via any available site

(b) buy old ones from DYS at a discount

(c) buy them from other parents that have out-grown last year's models

(d) swap with parents 

- purchases from Dick's Sporting Goods online ~ click here 

- purchases from Cliff Keen online ~ click here 

- purchases from Eastbay online ~ click here 

- purchases from ASICS online ~ click here

 Traditional style used for kids with larger heads

Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear-Black/Scarlet-ADULT Fits all kids sizes but it curves for small heads too. 

   ASICS for kids very inexpensive and good for small heads.

- head gear that minimizes concussions

- Mercado available online ~ Click Here

- LDR available online ~ Click Here

shoes (mark names and numbers on them) (mandatory for competitions)

- suggest ASICs due to a wider foot and rubber on sides of shoes

- wrestlers purchase their own from a local store on online

- also see cleat skin covers in the non-mandatory equipment section below

- purchases on one of many online ASICs sources ~ click here 

- suggested options for new kids include:  Matflex

- suggested options for experienced kids include:  JB-Elite, Snapdown, Cael

- purchases may be made at Play-It-Again Sports in Leesburg who carries new and used shoes

- purchases at Dick's Sporting Goods ~ click here 

- all major sporting goods stores carry new shoes

- Top Of The Podium private wrestling facility in Sterling VA  carry new shoes (Adidas)

- Last year's models are available from fellow DYS families that outgrew theirs; simply ask coaches and families

mouth guards and protective cases/containers~ are required for all wrestlers with braces, and highly encouraged for all others to protect teeth from sudden impacts that could cause concussions

- purchases may be made at Dick's Sporting Goods - suggest "Shock Doctor Gel Max" (there are no tabs that stick out of the mouth as they do in Lacrosse or football) - click here 

- purchases may also be made at Walmart ~ click here 

hair nets ~ are required for anyone with hair touching their necks, and purchased separately by parents

- purchases are online Cliff Keen ~ click here 

- purchases are online at Sports Unlimited ~ click here 


Ancillary Equipment (not mandatory) 

Leggings or long tights to protect legs from skin infections and allow knee slides across rubber mat ~ click here 

Sweat shirt with hood to keep warm during cold days in the gym

Sweat pants to keep warm in gym while sitting in between matches

Cleat Skin Shoe Covers that go over wrestling shoes allowing wrestlers to walk around off-mat protecting shoes from infectious bacteria and restroom floor ~ click here

Knee pads to protect knees from "skinning" 

- All brands online ~ click here 

- ASICS purchases may be made online ~ click here  

- Cliff Keen purchase online ~ click here 

- Dick's Sporting Goods online ~ click here 

Water shoes used to protect feet in concrete pools may also be good inexpensive way to get to know the sport at some of these intro sessions without having to spend money on actual wrestling shoes. Some sources for these shoes without zippers on the tops may be otbained from the following sources:

- Online ~ Click Here

- Walmart ~ Click Here

Other Equipment (recommended)

nail clippers and liquid disinfectant to clip all finger nails before tournaments and wipe hands, elbows, knees, and foreheads after wrestling matches

Sharpies to mark all your equipment with phone numbers

Back pack to carry your stuff (with name and phone number)

Inner bag for shoes to reduce risks of floor bacteria spreading on other equipment in the bag

Disinfectant spray for shoes

Hand wipes and anti bacterial wipes for hands, fingers, foreheads, elbows, etc

Water bottles (mark names on it)~ wrestlers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated before, during, and after practices and matches

First aid kits ~ although coaches and trainers often carry such equipment, wrestlers are encouraged to pack noise plugs, band aids, surgical tape and disinfectants for quick access


- USA Wrestling gear online ~ click here