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2020-2021 DYS Volleyball Club Program

Dulles Youth Sports (DYS) Volleyball Club is our most competitive program.  It is intended for experienced players who are looking to be challenged on a regular basis. 

Teams and Coaches for 2021 Club Volleyball

This year we will have six teams for DYS Thunder Volleyball, one team for each age group from U13 through U18. Head Coaches, practice dates and times, and anticipated tournaments (pending approval) are listed below. All of our practices will be held at Hoops Plus, located at 45496 Ruritan Circle, Sterling, VA 20164


     Age Group        Head Coach              Practice Day/Time                               Tournaments "Proposed"
U18 Tom Begley Mon/Wed 8:30p-10:00p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-June: TBD
U17 Steve Chronister Tues/Thurs 8:00p-9:30p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-June: TBD
U16 Jimmy Kerwin Tues/Thurs 8:00p-9:30p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-June: TBD
U15 Phuong Tat Mon/Wed 7:00p-8:30p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-June: TBD
U14 Cris Campbell Tues/Thurs 5:30p-7:00p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-AAU West Virginia Grand Prix, Apr-Revolutionary Rumble, May-East Coast Championship
U13 Emily Treanor Mon/Wed 5:30p-7:00p Jan-Monument City Classic, Feb-Capital Hill Classic, Mar-Tbd, Apr-Revolutionary Rumble, May-Tbd


This year, as a result of COVID-19, the High School and Club Volleyball seasons will run simultaneously for the second half of the season. This impacts the coaching staff and the players, as most of our Head Coaches also coach High School programs. Although we have met with many of the local High Schools, to a large extent, it is unknown how the two entities will work together. It is also not clear if there will be a High School Volleyball program this year. As a result, we are scheduling our U15-U18 season in two parts- a first half-season, which will run from November through February 15th, and a second half-season that will run from February 15th through May 31st. We anticipate the second half-season to look and feel much different from the first half-season. At this time, Player Fees for the U15-U18 programs will be for the first half-season only. We will reevaluate in January and set the format and fees for the second half-season when more information is known.

Because there is no conflict with the High School season for the younger age groups, the Schedule and Player Fees for the U13-U14 programs will be based on a single season, which will run from Tryouts (Nov 1st-Nov 3rd) through May 31st.

Player Fees for 2021 Club Volleyball

Our program operates as a co-op, meaning the cost per player is a pro-rata share of the team expenses. For the 2021 season:

Player fees for U13 and U14 will be $1,700.00 for the season (Tryouts {Nov 1st-Nov 3rd} through May 31st). 

Player fees for U15 thru U18 will be $1,150.00 for the first half-season (Tryouts {Nov 1st-Nov 3rd} through February 15th). 

Included as part of our club program fees:

·       Facilities Rental fees for practice and hosted events

·       Local and Regional tournament fees

·       Two long-sleeved, customized jerseys and two pair of shorts

·       Practice uniform- consisting of three practice tee shirts

·       Team equipment

·       Two practices per week (1-1/2 hours each)

·       Weekly skills clinics (Friday nights)

·       Coaching stipend to defray the cost of team-related lodging and travel

What is not included in our club program fees:

·       A $25 registration fee is charged at registration for DYS Volleyball Club tryouts. This fee covers the cost of registration and gym rental for the tryout assessments. This is a single, one-time payment; if players try out for more than one team or attend more than one tryout session for this season, you are only charged once.

·       Each player must register and become a member of the Chesapeake Regional Volleyball Association (CHRVA).  Before a player can try out or participate, CHRVA requires a membership fee ($55) and submission of a medical form. Players must be registered with CHRVA and provide a hard copy of the medical form to try out for any club volleyball team (not just DYS). They will not be allowed to participate without this. When registering, we recommend that you list your club as "Undecided" at the time of initial registration. This will allow you to modify your selection later. 

·       Medical forms can be found here: (https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0061/4249/2020_Player_Medical_Release_w_ClubTeam_WITHOUT_Notary_fillable.pdf#_ga=2.102085318.631645265.1601330059-1942860706.1596310967).

·       Further information, along with links for membership registration, can be found at https://www.chrva.org/page/show/5837249--chrva-memberships.

·       Travel and lodging costs are not included in the club program fee. The team travel coordinator will assist with block room reservations, which allows us to stay together as a team when we travel.

Payment programs are available and discussed further at the parent/player meeting after the teams are finalized. If additional information is required, please contact Cris Campbell @ 1968cscampbell@gmail.com.

What to Expect During and After Tryouts

This year, there is an Open Tryout Period beginning November 1, 2020. We currently have tryout slots scheduled for Sunday, November 1st, Monday, November 2nd, and Tuesday, November 3rd. If more time is needed, we will post additional times as necessary.

Our tryouts reflect our personality- we try to keep tryouts upbeat, positive, and full of energy. We practice a Growth Mindset and will challenge the players to get them out of their comfort zone to see who is willing to struggle and fail for the sake of getting better. We are looking for those players that are hungry to learn and improve.

If offered a position with the club, the player has 72 hours from the time and date of the offer to accept or decline. After 72 hours, the offer is rescinded. The Open Tryout Period will remain open until all positions are filled. All offers will be in writing, with a time and date stamp. During the Open Tryout Period, offers can be made at any time, either electronically or by hard copy. This is a difficult process- for the coaches, the players, and the parents. If offered a position, either with DYS or elsewhere, we encourage you to communicate your intent as soon as possible. 

Typically we hold a parent meeting during tryouts to answer questions and describe the process. This year, we will provide a video link for parents to watch and answer questions as they are provided through some electronic platform to be determined.