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Dulles Youth Sports Softball is participating member of the Loudoun County Middle School Softball Program.

Welcome to the 3rd Season of Middle School Softball Program in Loudoun County!

While Loudoun has a number of recreation, travel softball, and high school softball programs providing opportunities for female athletes, it does not have a middle school program like the ones in neighboring counties or the ones in place for boys’ baseball, football, volleyball, and wrestling in Loudoun. Spring 2019 was the inaugural season with 3 softball leagues (AGSL, LGSL, LGLLS) and 10 schools participating. The program has expanded for the 2021 season with all softball leagues in the county participating! Given the expansion of the program, the rules under which the Middle School teams play, as well as their current involvement in other athletic programs serving the Dulles area, Dulles Youth Sports (DYS) is now the supporting organization for the middle schools in the Dulles area.

What Leagues/Schools are participating in the Program?

Ashburn Girls Softball League (AGSL) Dulles Youth Sports (DYS)
** Belmont Ridge, Eagle Ridge, Farmwell Station, Trailside ** Brambleton, Lunsford, Mercer, Stone Hill, Willard
Leesburg Girls Softball League (LGSL) Lower Loudoun Girls Softball Leage (LLGSL)
** Harper Park, Simpson, Smarts Mill ** River Bend, Seneca Ridge, Sterling Middle
Western Loudoun Girls Softball League (WLGSL)  
** Blue Ridge, Harmony  



In February, tryouts will be at SixFour3 (7410 Merritt Park Drive, Suite 110, Manassas, VA 20190) . (www.sixfour3.com)