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NoVA Football Hall of Fame

The Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame is an organization that recognizes and promotes the special efforts of individuals from the local youth and scholastic football programs.  This page is dedicated to those athletes and volunteers that were selected to represent Dulles Youth Football. 

Dulles Youth Player of the Year

Each year, Dulles Youth Football head coaches are asked to nominate players based upon leadership, dedication, conduct, character, and scholastic as well as athletic achievements.  This nomination is the highest award given to a Dulles Youth Football player.  Of those nominations, one is selected by the NoVA HoF committee to represent Dulles Youth .

 Dulles Youth Player of the Year.


Player Name


Fall 2021

Amari Page

155LB American

Fall 2019

David Cage

80LB Central

Fall 2018

Cam Petrey

115LB American

Fall 2017

Wyatt Singer

115LB American

Fall 2016

Alfred Honesty II

80LB National

Fall 2015

Luke Fernandez

115LB Central

Fall 2014

Aidan Doherty

115LB American

Fall 2013

Karlie Harman

130LB National

Fall 2012

Christian Jessup

150LB American

Fall 2009

Nick Bruno

95LB American

Fall 2007

Dylan Chapman

110LB Central

Fall 2007

Andrew Nelson

125LB National


Dulles Youth Volunteer Award Winners

Season Awardee Name Award
Fall 2019 James Ingram Coach of the Year
Fall 2018 Carlo Hernandez Coach of the Year
Fall 2017 Michael Molinar Coach of the Year
Fall 2016 Omar Kaskas Coach of the Year
Fall 2015 Rex Petrey Coach of the Year
Fall 2013 Steve Dutton Coach of the Year
Fall 2012 Jason McEachin Commissioner of the Year
Fall 2008 Doug Kleinsmith Coach of the Year


2021 Honorable Mentions

130A: Tyler Kann

2019 Honorable Mentions

AB: Mayzen Somler
80N: Josiah Herd
90C: Evan Do
100A: Tyler Kann
100N: Dylan Taglieri
115A: Cam Petrey
115N: Idris Hafizi 
130A: Jerome Thompson

2018 Honorable Mentions

AB1: Allen Richard
AB2: Carter Overbaugh
80N: Talon Ingram
80N: Grant Alred 
90N: Dominic Gentrup
100C: Xavier Wample
115A: Jake Oxindine
115N: Colby McMullan
130A: Kevin Barton
155A: Anthony Donkoh

2014 Honorable Mentions

80A: Dominic Dutton
80N: Joey Sher
80N: Calvin Cosenke
90C: Daniel Hurst
90N: Jacob Fink
100A: Derian Davis
115N: Jax Swanner
130C: Cole Parnell
155A: Garrett Dunn-Ford
2013 Honorable Mentions
AB:AJ Rush
AB: Kevin Barton
80A: Coby Oxendine
80N: Austin Conaway
80N: Daniel Hurst
90A: James Gillis
90N: Luke Fernandez
100A: Dalton Young
100N: Jack Tapley
115A: Dominic Elsaw
115N: Hunter Parnell
130A: Greyson Ergenbright
155A: Aidan Kennedy


2012 Honorable Mentions
75N1: Brody Thompson
75N2: Evan Granahan
85N: Kenneth Bolton III
85C: Jacob Angelus
95N: John Schneider
95C: Kyle Polk
110N: Cameron Rogers
110A: Bobby Doherty
125C: Gray Barker
150A: Christian Jessup

2011 Honorable Mentions
75N1: Nathaniel Jones
75N2: Noah Broussard
75A: Jacob Angelus
85N: Ryan Fisher
85C: Anthony Cooper
95N: Jakob Kwon
95C: Zach May
110C: Will Summers
125C: Scott Schaffler

2010 Honorable Mentions
75N: Hunter Parnell
75A: Kyle Polk
85N: Britt Logan
85A: Coleman Rafferty
95N: Zack Masri
95C: Tanner Hudson
110N: Brian Kalish
110C: Alan Rovira